Instagram Algorithm!

Internet is a beautiful place, social media and other platforms have to regularly update themselves in order to be in business. Platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram keep changing their algorithms to make themselves more attractive to its users. The recent Instagram algorithm change has got me really inquisitive. Let's have a look:

The new Instagram algorithm affects almost everything a user does, what kind of photos and videos show up on your feed everyday. In early 2018, Instagram had announced that they would be making Instagram less chronological, more systematic and would be focusing on enhancing user experience. And, well..that's exactly what Instagram has done. We all think that Instagram feed is all about what our followers like and follow, the new algorithm now refreshes as per what and who you like. So basically, you will be seeing new posts every day but it would be solely dependent on your past behavior and last visit. Instagram's algorithm is based on "machine based learning" which means Instagram would personalize your feed as per your past behavior and provide you a personalized feed every time you log-in. So, if you follow "Paul Pogba", Insta would know what you like and engage with most and in-return would provide you more Pogba related videos/pictures in your feed.

The new algorithm works on "Predictive Analysis" which is based on: Interest, time and engagement. So everything that you see on your feed is based on your interest, the time you are most active on Instagram and how often do you interact with the particular brand/person. Other aspects that potentially effect your feed are: usage and following. Therefore, if one uses Instagram to market their products, this update works in your favor, there it would be amazing for the brand to work on their Hashtag strategies, time of posting and must encourage their followers to tag the brand more often in order to be shown more on their feed.