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The "Why" of your life.

Whenever people look at my CV, they ask me this question "Why did you change from finance to marketing?", I always have a smile on my face when its asked. This question is very interesting, I can speak about this topic for hours but for the sake of the interview I always to have make it short and understandable....and, I end up saying "Marketing is what fits my personality the best". Well, the answer is true but doesn't contain the WHY behind my decision to switch.

"Nothing remains the same in life, everything undergoes a change, EMBRACE it"

Over the last five years, my life has changed a lot, from working in one of the biggest companies in the world to "completing my masters in France". Similar to every 20 year old kid, I had a FIVE YEAR plan of how I will work hard and become an important person in the company I work for. But, like almost every millennial, my plans took a twist and a turn..(I am important but not in the way my "plan" defined and described it). I think the defining twist in my life came in when I quit my first job.

For many, especially recruiters "why did you quit?" is a very important question, but like most questions that start with "why?", it's not easy to explain in an interview. Quitting my job to search for answers was certainly the first positive step I took to search for the right route. It is the milestone I will look at and smile as I progress, because it introduced me to the "why concept". Questioning yourself is an art, questioning yourself as if a mirror is in front of you is what shapes your "plans" (like jelly in a bowl of glass). I think the most important change in me was when I started asking myself questions about the decisions I took, "why" became a question I had to answer before I took any decision.

For instance, "EAT HEALTHY!"....why? Understanding why I wish to eat healthy always helps me understand the importance of why I wish to do it.

Answering WHY isn't always easy, it shouldn't be easy, the answer comes only when you have clarity of thought (I think one must be patient while trying to understand themselves).

"Whatever you do in life should be a reflection of your personality"

I feel "self assessment and awareness" are very important personality traits to have in life. For me, I always make a quick assessment of my situation before deciding what things I must do. When I was working in the field of finance, I always tried to assess my understanding of the field, and the answer never fulfilled my

I always wanted to "change" things, change to make things easier and understandable, if you cannot do it yourself, you help the ones who do it (in other words, market for the ones who can make life easier, be their voice). The essence of marketing became my tool to bring a "change".

Marketing is an instrument of change, you get to influence decisions!; when you have the power to influence decisions, you better be responsible. When you are a marketer, you must work hard, create and hustle your way to make things look simple.

So when you are wondering which profession to choose, choose the one which answers the WHY, if your answer satisfies your conscience then you are 50% there, the rest comes from experiences (some good, some bad). However, don't choose your path out of fear disguised as practicality, when something is meant for you, it's not always the right fit, sometimes you are not fit enough to be in it (at the moment). (... Sometimes you have to trim down to be in your favorite pant)

The more I think about what life really means, I certainly feel life is a paradox, the more you waste time solving it, the older you get. Not everything in life requires a "search", sometimes the answer is with you.

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