Cristiano Ronaldo - The commercial money-ball of Football

The Greatest footballer of all-time...the greatest....the most inspiring athlete of the 21st century, these are just some things the internet says about Cristiano Ronaldo. People across the world know him for his footballing talent and his never ending thirst for greatness but very few know about his financial impact and commercial reach. Ronaldo always inspires people, his hard work, dedication, commitment and his mentality of becoming a legacy in football is unparalleled.

As a Manchester United fan, I have a lot of admiration for him, but he's not just a footballer these days, he's a commercial money ball, sponsors want him, big companies pay him anything to sign him. The question is, how a big a personality is C.Ronaldo?

The Brand:

What Ronaldo earns through Football is just the tip of iceberg. Similar to footballers like David Beckham, Ronaldo is a huge brand. Big companies queue to sign him, and his biggest sponsors have given him deals that could earn him millions even after he quits football.

Nike is his technical sponsor, from which he earns €30 million per year, making him the image of the brand with a lifelong deal (along with stars like LeBron James and Michael Jordan). According to Hookit, Ronaldo has more than 2.3 million social media interactions and views per post. Those interactions generate $1.8 million in value per sponsored post for brands like Nike. The contract that Ronaldo signed with Nike is estimated to be around $1 billion dollars!!

Forbes analyzed CR7’s revenues between 2017 and 2018, and the results are incredible: the footballer reached nearly $100 million and just 47% were from endorsement deals.

The CR7 brand and lifestyle!

According to, the signing has catapulted Juve to the highest echelons of football in almost every measure, their share price taking a huge leap in value during the first few weeks after Ronaldo’s arrival was confirmed. Kit manufacturer Adidas renewed their sponsorship agreement, improving their terms from €20m per year to €46m until 2027.

Ronaldo's lifestyle is larger than life. He owns a $7.1 million villa in Madrid and an $18.5 million apartment in Trump Tower in New York. He has a custom Bugatti Chiron with his CR7 logo, which is estimated to be worth about $3 million. Even the private jet he owns has a CR7 logo on it and is worth about $17 million.

His recent move to Juventus was a commercial success for Juventus. After the summer arrival of Ronaldo at Juventus, the Bianconeri are profiting from the deal on the field as well as off it. The Italian champions have reached 20 million followers on Instagram, a growth of 99.57% from the arrival of the Portuguese.

Clearly, Ronaldo isn't just a footballer, he's a brand, a commercial juggernaut who has created a legacy for himself through sheer hard work and dedication.

Truly an example of "Talent can help you find the mountain, but hard work gets you to its peak!"