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Power Of Belief: *Terms and conditions applied*

During my trip to Paris, I met this lady who was talking to her 15-year-old son about how playing football and why it will never bring him success in life. She said: "If you keep playing football, one day you will lose focus on your studies!!", the boy replied, "I work hard to play well, and I will focus on football to become successful one day".

I was happy to hear that reply from the kid because it was clear the kid believed in himself and had his own definition of success.

Sometimes I feel the most important thing we can do for ourselves is trying to create our own dictionary, which contains the meaning of every possible word we read and use in our life.

The reason I started with the conversation was mainly because it reminded me about how our lives can be like a TV commercial, where everything is good then ends with a terms and conditions applied we did not account for while thinking about it. Every decision you make has a reflection, this reflection can be misleading. Sometimes we don't reflect upon the decisions we make, I think when you do reflect, you realise about the number of external hurdles you overcame to achieve success, a lot of times they don't even seem like a major part of your final outcome, but they do matter.

I am grateful for the people who support me. They encourage me to take risks and put my creativity out there for the world to see. The secret to being able to endure many failures is to believe that these terms and conditions won't affect your mindset or your decision.

Having an experimental mindset over the years has helped me a lot in making positive changes. But, I have always felt strongly about the things that usually make my decisions seem challenging.

*Terms and conditions*....what are these conditions?

Everything that causes friction, or pulls you behind from making any decision, are the "terms and conditions" you don't think about.

I want to do this....."but"..... (or) I would like to...."if". When I think about it, if someone wonders how I get my confidence? I would not hesitate before saying that I get my confidence mainly from learning and analyzing the outcomes of my past decisions, this makes me feel experienced in the present.

When you believe that external forces are greater than your will to complete something, the mood to conquer or do something deserts you. External forces are a part of these terms and conditions.

When you let yourself believe in something that's against your objectives, then you are giving in to these external forces.

I do what I believe is right for me and I stick to it till it gives the right results. Persistence has always rewarded me well over the years. Sometimes it's taken a lot of time to see the results, but I condition myself that it's always worth the wait.

The size of your success depends on how big your belief is. If you think small, then you will not achieve big. If you think big, then you will achieve big.

Why do I believe these terms and conditions won't affect my success?

When you go through it, you must grow through it.

My professional life process has always been: "Life is a learning curve, there is a lesson behind every setback which helps you grow".

I think my metrics to measure success have considerably changed over the years, I no longer chase objectives/goals in my life. Furthermore, I work hard towards doing things that will bring me happiness, and I continue using this mindset to grow in my professional field.

I will be successful because if I am learning how to reflect, observe and grow, which has helped me notice a positive shift in my mindset.

Terms and conditions will always be a factor when we make decisions in our lives, but it is up to us to decide whether these external forces can manipulate us into making a compromise. When you don't compromise on your dreams and work on them despite the T&C's, you will always find yourself growing and with every step you take.

So always: Observe --- Learn --- Grow!

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